Ghosts and demons

No matter how complex life seems
Another uneventful day dictated by timorousness
Is as dark as the shadow of myself from the past.
I will face my demons and fears; ride these beasts like horses.

I saw my scars and realized how much they are part of my identity,
breaking away the shafts of my fragility.
I now understand how to see the calm in the eye of the storm.

As light as the air, I’m going to let my soul be free.
Find myself and be at peace; purify my spirit
Letting go of any form of insecurity.
Breathe, living through life.

Forget about everything you know, and as if you’re learning everything anew.
The smell, the scene, the people, the food, the experience!
Like it is the first time.

With a little help, we could all be better versions of ourselves
To no matter who,
Always leave with them, the best of you.


Change is paradoxical.
The truth is only found with time,
Not before.
We only know enough to try
And if it is worthy enough,
We can give it everything we have.
Regardless of how hard we hit the gong
To announce its arrival,
We cannot wake everyone at the same time from the slumber of yesterday’s comfort.
Yes, change is necessary
It is constant.
But nobody likes change except the baby in diapers.
And perhaps those who have lost the most.
Change may or may not happen
But it has to start from self
While we hope the peaceful dreams do not become the horror of our tomorrows.
It does not have to be that bad before it is deemed necessary.

Love in doses

Sometimes love is expressed in ways we are not use to.

But it is love all the same.

Sometimes love is given in ways we have not experienced before.

Yes, it is love regardless.

Sometimes love is caring enough about someone else’s dream,

or cheering them on through all the dark places,

or giving them a reason to want to see another day,

or encourage one to try again.

Love is recognizable in the simplest of acts.

But its truest of forms is in selflessness, putting the need of another before ours.

Finding Courage

I have felt enough pain,
To laugh in anguish.
To muster enough strength
To allow the rush blow across my insides
Like a wind will gush against the sails of a ship

As a flame on a wick flicker
Dancing back and forth,
So will the shadows of their courage,
With hands on hips in the calm.
Just before the storm,
The last of memories we evoke
Before we charge forward into unknown frontiers,
Is the cost of everything.
And in most cases, too high.

Life in Numbers

Do numbers mean anything to you…
24, 1440, 86400
Do numbers mean anything to you…
7, 30, 365
Do numbers mean anything to you…
4, 52
Do numbers mean anything to you…
1, 0
Because for me, they do
86400 seconds in a day for me to appreciate the simple things in life.
Even while I am asleep, I will still see the wonder of having to dream and wake up to the reality of it.
365 days in a year is the number of time I get to try new things and try again.
I can either start afresh or pick up where I left off with the break of a new dawn.
52 weeks is the period I get to be grateful for my small victories.
Seeing my family and loved ones happy is one.
The ones and zeros is a reminder that the absence of one truth doesn’t not imply the other.
Things will be things, people will be people, and there is room for exceptions.

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Nearly never happened

The arguments were loud. And in their usual fashion, there was the smashing of glasses, ceramic plates, and other breakables. Today is the day she will summon up enough courage to leave. Only this time, she wasn’t.
They’ve been together for five years now. But they can not spend a day without trying to kill each other. He loved her and, she did too, but she doesn’t think one could love another so much without the violence. They make up afterward, and for a while, everything is peaceful. They were both in love, but neither of them was happy.
Her eyes were still wild in shock, partially blinded too because of the blood on her face. His blood. It has never gotten this far until now. Cold sweats broke at her nape as she slowly took in the gruesome image of her lover’s crushed skull as the body jerked before going limp on the couch. She had been the violent one, and she could have left him before this moment. As she sat in the back seat of the police vehicle to the police station with her hands cuffed behind her back, she could still see his soft face. Despite the loud blare of the siren, she could hear the thud that came from the wooden artwork as it hit his head. The plaque in her hands became a lethal weapon now, an exhibit in her trial for murder. She is never going to leave that room.

Both sides of the coin

As I walked through the streets…
I see people with contention, resignation, and contempt
I see poverty, the struggles, the tussles
I see pride, anger and foolishness
I see the hurt, and the love
I see the happy, and the sad
I see the hopeful and the grumpy
I see sadness, I see joy
I see the brokenhearted,
I see hope
I see humans survive and animals thrive
I see the ripple effects of the pasts
I see the simplemindedness of the people
I see the greed of the elite
I see the souls of the humble
I see the emptiness of the arrogant
I see the ignorance of the society
I see the exploitations of the enlightened
I see the misdirection of the young
I see the futility in the counsel of the wise
I see the groanings of the old
I see the ease amongst the children
I see the juxtapositions of life
I see the peace in death
I see the reflection among families
I see the laughter among friends
I see the comedy in pain and the seriousness in the jokes
I see the reality in love
I see the blindedness in hate
I see the relics of our past
I see the dreams of the future
I see through the fragility of my soul
I see the purity of my heart
I see the consciousness of my thoughts
I see the unison of our minds
I see the eclipse of our moon
I see the darkness that’s in every good….

Give yourself the Credit you deserve

Give yourself the Credit you deserve

All the “ifs” I could have avoided when I spoke like I write.

Like I’d let my voice strike the core like my pen strokes on paper. Leaving no marks, just clean strokes as a samurai would when he runs his blade through his enemy.’

But the days will ever be bright because I have steeled myself to be hard enough to deal with the consequences of the “ifs” and whatnots.

Regrets are for suckers.

So a toast to everyone bold enough to put him/herself out there because the hardest part is over, you’ll be here to enjoy the spoils of your victory.

These are the stuff dreams are made of.

Pictures and Glasses

The last card in card game of six. There it was; small, fragile and impulsive

Just like any other, too eager to grow and take his place in life. But like signing a contract, he didn’t read the fine prints.

There were terms, but not his. The rules were made, but not by him. Same rules his parents cunningly worked to liberate him from despite the contract one has to sign under duress.

Like a wild horse he wants to run, with the wind on his back and so it gently brushes against his childish grin he wears to show the world he cares less about the game life plays.

Life can be cruel, he was told. Stay in the box. There are wolves outside the fence.With no repress or defense, he just defiled them all.

Regardless of the odds, he would never be a sucker to a system rigged seamlessly to see him restrained.Wild horses run, and recklessly too with no fear of repercussion.

Like the mixture of sweet wine and poison, the happiest moments were those tainted with pain.

Anger can be soothing. It is the only companion that understands what is really going on beneath the cold calculated stare, with expressionless eyes on a face that so easily changes color, and a humorless laughter.

Now no longer can he run free, break the rules, or step out of the box; he was stuck because once is a charm, twice is the luck.

Tough luck. Straddled on both ankles with the illusion of time working backwards with the many if nots and may bes, the left knee buckles under pressure.

Shattering the hope of an alternate plan. Now there is the doubt. The once free spirited wild horse do not know if it should run or trot or stop.

Perception can be tricky, so is the illusion of been an exception to the rule of cause and consequence, and been able to live it up without self destruct.

They all seem to know what’s in your head even if they have not lived a day of your life, or know the self-induced pressure you constantly go through. And with such arrogance and entitlement, they point their fingers and laugh when they are no better. If only they knew better?

Groping in the dark has its benefits however. It teaches you focus, if you’re still willing to learn. It teaches you perseverance, if you did not quit. And it teaches you how to be your companion, if you went through such lonely phases more often than once.

Pain is a teacher, I learnt to absolve them. Learn them. And feel them.

Time is a healer, I learnt discipline. Focus. Logic.There and then life began to be bearable. It occasionally makes sense but I don’t trust my five sense enough, to trust their judgment will be without bias.

The lesson in all these either by learning or feeling hate, betrayal, or any other negative emotions for the first time; can be internalized or you experienced.

There will be tomorrow. It is beautiful. Filled with possibilities or not.

There is today. Time is bountiful, filled with pain or not.

There was yesterday. It was eventful. Filled with lessons or not.

You’re at liberty to see life in any light you so desire. It is your perception not mine.We don’t have to share the same outlook to life. And your opinion doesn’t necessarily bother me.