Almost Never Happened

The streets themselves are as busy as the people,

Who are always in a hurry, to nowhere in particular.

Voices are mostly raised, tempers always flaring,

But it never really comes down to fisticuffs; however, they give you the impression that it might.

Only if you take a much deeper look will you see the people’s souls bare.

They like to party and have a good time.

Make jokes about everything to mask the pain they actually feel.

Certainly, love good food too.

But to see all of these, we have to wear those masks so we can survive another today.

As a result, the extent of the pain is not fully grasped. And the magnitude of the joy is not completely expressed.

Deep down, they’re all a beautiful people who just want to live.


Life’s Journey

My dad wants me to be an Engineer, my mom wants me to be a Doctor, my siblings have their projections of what they want me to be. Everyone wants me to be what they think suits me but, nobody asks me what I’d like to be.

Those lines were the opening paragraph of an essay I wrote on what I wanted to be. I was 11yrs old.

More than 15 yrs down the line, what I want to be, has changed more times than I can remember; journalist, writer, artist, scientist, teacher, etc. I knew what I wanted to do as I progressed in life. And I was fortunate enough to discover what I wanted.

Life’s discovery is in the journey, not the destination. Your career plans may change multiple times, or you may be fortunate to discover it very early. In either case, it is okay. And if you are still finding your niche, it is perfectly alright too, just be smart about your transition.

We are humans, and change is part of our culture as a society. And your transition is you evolving to be more. Relax and enjoy the journey, because that’s where the fun is!

Way with words

I can express my emotions
In a most delicate manner to,
inspire a specific sentiment.


Speak from a place
you’re not even sure is real
any more real than my words you hear


I could stroke your ego
inflate your persona to,
make you feel elated


I can still make you think
my truth is the truth when it is not
now you doubt everything.


I am certain of what I can do
which is, convey words
that can soothe your soul
Make you love like you are intended
show you the wonder in the world around you
and appreciate the little things.


The thing about the illusion called perfection.

It is the most expected outcome that is never realized.

No such thing as perfection.

These conventional standards were set by someone who could only imagine as much.

Because your beautiful is someone else’s ugly

Perfection is not realistic. Because our opinions and expections vary.

Do not take away the freedom of expression, on the basis of attaining random expectations.

So be it food, culture, religion, fashion, or art;

The barest minimum to perfection should be respect for someone’s opinion.

And of course, we can always agree to disagree.

Ghosts and demons

No matter how complex life seems
Another uneventful day dictated by timorousness
Is as dark as the shadow of myself from the past.
I will face my demons and fears; ride these beasts like horses.

I saw my scars and realized how much they are part of my identity,
breaking away the shafts of my fragility.
I now understand how to see the calm in the eye of the storm.

As light as the air, I’m going to let my soul be free.
Find myself and be at peace; purify my spirit
Letting go of any form of insecurity.
Breathe, living through life.

Forget about everything you know, and as if you’re learning everything anew.
The smell, the scene, the people, the food, the experience!
Like it is the first time.

With a little help, we could all be better versions of ourselves
To no matter who,
Always leave with them, the best of you.


Change is paradoxical.
The truth is only found with time,
Not before.
We only know enough to try
And if it is worthy enough,
We can give it everything we have.
Regardless of how hard we hit the gong
To announce its arrival,
We cannot wake everyone at the same time from the slumber of yesterday’s comfort.
Yes, change is necessary
It is constant.
But nobody likes change except the baby in diapers.
And perhaps those who have lost the most.
Change may or may not happen
But it has to start from self
While we hope the peaceful dreams do not become the horror of our tomorrows.
It does not have to be that bad before it is deemed necessary.

Love in doses

Sometimes love is expressed in ways we are not use to.

But it is love all the same.

Sometimes love is given in ways we have not experienced before.

Yes, it is love regardless.

Sometimes love is caring enough about someone else’s dream,

or cheering them on through all the dark places,

or giving them a reason to want to see another day,

or encourage one to try again.

Love is recognizable in the simplest of acts.

But its truest of forms is in selflessness, putting the need of another before ours.